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What is the most shocking addition you’ve seen to a dance routine?

In the latest round of auditions, America’s Got Talent Season 19 saw one way you might grab the audience’s attention. Argentinian malambo company Legi贸n heated up their performance with drums and actual fire.

Legi贸n didn’t need fire to demonstrate their commitment to dance. Organizing their supergroup around busy lives and work outside of dance, they revealed that they dance at all hours. “We have regular jobs. We teach. We are in construction. We are in hardware stores. So, we rehearse all week, 2 AM, before and after our real jobs.” They practice in the backyard of Fabian’s, one of the member’s, parents’ house.

Performing the Argentinian folk dance malambo, Legi贸n took the stage in sleek black leather gaucho, South American cowboy, costumes. The judges were in awe when crew members stepped up to set the group’s boots on fire, but the flames couldn’t distract from their moves. Performing the malambo’s signature zapateados (stomping) and聽cepillados聽(brushing movements) alongside a drum performance, Legi贸n’s fast feet and obvious determination were showstopping.

This isn’t the first time AGT has seen malambo on stage. In 2016, Argentinian dance troupe Malevo took their malambo-flamenco fusion complete with drums to the semifinals and returned in 2023 for America’s Got Talent: All-Stars. Malevo has taken their moves around the world, and Simon seemed to think Legi贸n has what it takes to do the same, “You know, this is something I genuinely can see in Vegas. I see this all over the world. I mean, the amount of preparation, and I could see how much this means to you.”

No one was more impressed than Sofia Vergara, though she didn’t show it at first. “Well, I mean, I guess all the judges are so fascinated with you guys because for them this is something so different, exotic. You know I’m South American. I’ve seen this dance many times. For me, you guys have to do something spectacular,” she said. The audience booed her seeming lack of enthusiasm. But Sofia wasn’t done. “That was spectacular. I thought it was amazing. I have never seen anything like that.”

Sofia wasn’t done. “That’s exactly why I am going to do this,” she said, slamming the Golden Buzzer and showering Legi贸n in confetti, sending Legi贸n straight to the live shows and closer to their end goal of winning (and using the prize money to open their own studio).

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