Season 8 of Dance Moms is here, and it’s bringing back all of the drama you’ve been hungry for since the Lifetime show went on hiatus. We got to talk to returning Dance Moms cast member Lilly K about her experiences and favorite moments since the show made its comeback.

How do you think this season stands out from previous seasons you’ve been a part of?

This season is totally different! I am dancing every week, and even though I’m still the youngest, I have the most experience working with Abby and Gianna. This season we have all new kids, and we are all so close! When the camera goes off, we are always laughing!

What is it like being back in the studio with Abby Lee?

It’s actually great to be back working with Abby. She had a rough 2 years, so to see her doing what she loves again is awesome…even if she is yelling at us! She just wants us to be the best we can be.

Do you have a favorite moment with your new cast members?

My favorite moment was a whole day! Abby took us all to Kennywood, an amusement park, in Pittsburgh and we had a blast! Well, except for the part when everyone convinced me to go on a rollercoaster…and I got so scared. I fainted on it!!!

Is there anything we should look out for as we watch this season?

Oh my gosh, this season is so dramatic! For me,it started out rough…getting used to the crazy environment again, but I figured out how to handle it and I think my performances start to get better and better!

Do you have a favorite performance from this season?

Absolutely my straitjacket solo “Strait Escape”! I was terrified to dance full out with my hands tied behind me but the risk was worth it! I LOVED the acting element and earned a perfect score!

How do you think people are reacting to the return of Dance Moms?

Refreshing! Everyone wants to see how Abby is doing and whether or not she can make seven stars AGAIN!

You can watch new episodes of Dance Moms Tuesdays at 8:00 PM on Lifetime.

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