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You’re getting ready for dancers to pour back into the studio. New dancers, returning dancers, teen dancers, preschool dancers. They’re all excited to get into the studio and dance. This is something to celebrate! While you might not have time for a party with all of your students, you probably do have time for a photo-op.

The first day of anything is an important memory, and if you can’t have a party, then you should still try to capture that memory in a fun way. A photo-op gives your dancers the perfect place to take photos of themselves, their friends, and even in groups. These are memories they’ll hold onto for years.

Don’t forget to make memories, too! Take pictures with your dancers, and other teachers. Your photos and the dancers’ will be perfect for your studio’s social media accounts, bulletin boards, and more.

When you create your balloon photo backdrop, get creative! Choose balloons that match your studio’s colors. If your studio doesn’t have a set color scheme, then make sure to choose something bright and happy! You might even consider adding signs to take photos with that say things like “[Insert Studio Name] 2019-20 Season”, “I’m a dancer at [Insert Studio Name”, or even the studio’s slogan.


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And if you do have time to throw a back to dance party? Well, you should still consider a balloon wall. It’s those small (or wall-sized) touches that really bring all of the fun together and set the stage for a season of incredible memories.

Looking for more inspiration? Check out this pastel balloon wall by Anastasia Onishchenko.

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