You might be getting excited to see Lilly K in the upcoming Dance Moms premiere, but she surprised us this week with a new music video. The video, a dance accompanied by a cover of the 4 Non Blondes classic song “What’s Up”, is dedicated to a young dancer named Renee who, at 12-years-old has been fighting brain cancer.

In the video, Lily dances while the vocals are performed by young singer Angelina Bella and background vocalist Jordan Spafford. Through the dance and the song, the two girls tell the story not only of Renee’s journey but also of other like Lilly and Renee’s friends who have followed the dancer’s recovery process. The video itself is a testament to the importance of the support of close friends and family in the face of hard journeys like the disease the dancers clad in black represent.

“Any opportunity to perform is amazing, but when I can dance for a cause, it’s like a dream come true. I love using my platform to spread positivity,” Lilly shares. “Renee is an amazing girl and she represents that you can beat cancer. She’s an inspiration to many.”

And despite the somber tone of the video, after two surgeries to remove her malignant brain tumor, Renee has been recovering, getting stronger each week. By the time the music video was in pre-production, Renee was already enthusiastic about her steady progress. The music video takes place before the second surgery and ends with Renee waking up after it.