“All the classic love songs are missing a bit of punk rock.” That’s why Miami-based artist and songwriter Peach Martine is shaking up our sappy playlists with her new single “Romeo and Juliet.”

Peach started teasing us about her forthcoming “very, very happy” love song in February. The perfect song to share with that special someone or sing alone in your bedroom, “Romeo and Juliet” is a grungy, pop-punk track that matches Peach’s iconic sound with humor and an awesome take on love. Sorry, Shakespeare. We’re moving on.

“‘Romeo and Juliet’ is the perfect song for your chaotic yet awesome love story,” Peach says of her new single. “It’s loud and high energy, with the same wit and flirtatiousness in the lyrics that keeps a relationship’s flame alive.”

Peach made her debut last year with the release of her poem EP, Love, Peachwhich amassed millions of streams. Already this year, Peach’s viral TikTok track, “I Would Have Given You The Moon,” and her “True Story” music video captured our hearts and our ears.

With such different glimpses of her current project from “I Would Have Given You The Moon” and “Romeo and Juliet,” we’re even more ready to hear more of Peach’s forthcoming album.

“Romeo and Juliet” is streaming now on your favorite music platforms.