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The third season of BRAT’s Chicken Girls is well underway, and all of our favorite stars are back for even more drama and hijinks. One of the show’s newest characters, however, is played by an actress that we’ll all be keeping our eyes on in the future. We got to talk to Sissy Sheridan, playing Angie on the show’s latest season, about Chicken Girls, being a triple threat, and her work as an up-and-coming philanthropist.

Sissy began acting at six years old. She went to a theater camp that, her mom was hesitant about sending her to because it seemed like a lot for a kid. But the long hours of practicing and developing her theater skills changed her mom’s mind quickly. After the first day of camp, Sissy came home and learned all of the songs she was supposed to learn over next three weeks, counting the lines in the script to find out which part she wanted most. When the camp was over, she couldn’t wait to go back. She realized that acting was what she wanted to do for the rest of her life.

“I had never done anything like that, so I was a bit hesitant. It was long. It was three weeks and like six hours a day, and after the first day, I fell in love with it.”

Like most of our favorite stars today, Sissy does a little a bit of everything. “What I do is called a ‘triple threat’. I do acting, singing, and dancing,” she said about how dance fits in with all her other talents. Sissy has trained at the Broadway Artists Alliance learning from some of Broadway’s best performers, including the original dance captain for Chicago.

She started auditioning for Broadway and even landed some incredible roles in off-Broadway productions of Annie Warbucks, Willy WonkaGypsyBeauty and the Beast, and Annie. These productions were the beginning of an acting career that would go well beyond the stage. Now, Sissy told us, she’s too tall for the off-Broadway children’s roles she loves so much, so she has started acting on screen. Since then she has brought several film and TV roles to life including a role on the Netflix Original series Maniac and the third season of BRAT’s hit YouTube series Chicken Girls.

Chicken Girls isn’t Sissy’s first experience with YouTube, though. She worked with Nickelodeon on a YouTube series called “DIY With Me” where she got to show off her creativity teaching viewers how to do simple DIY crafts. Sissy also has her own YouTube channel where she vlogs and shares her interests with her fans. When we talked to her, Sissy revealed that she wouldn’t be opposed to adding some DIYs of her own to her channel in the future.

“I definitely relate to [Angie] in the fact that she is very passionate about what she does.”

Season 3 of Chicken Girls started in September. Sissy plays Angie, who Sissy calls the “queen of the drama department.” Angie’s introduction to our other favorites from the show isn’t smooth. The first thing she does is end up deep in a rivalry with Rhyme (Annie Le Blanc’s character). When we asked about her character, Sissy said, “She is totally different from the other characters on the show, and I cannot wait for… As the show continues, there’s going to be so much tea. Angie is such a drama queen.” Sissy knows first hand what it is like to compete for the best role. “I get the drama of drama,” she said, but Angie is more overtop than Sissy is.

Recently, Sissy played the lead in a film called For Hope based on the true story of a girl on the autism spectrum that is currently being submitted for festivals. Next Month, she will be performing on stage as part of the cast of Billy Elliot at Signature Theatre in Arlington, Virginia. After that, Sissy shared that she is looking for anything on stage or on screen that lets her explore her passion for being a singer, dancer, and actress as well as charity and philanthropy work that allows her to give back to her community.

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