Actress Merit Leighton is known for spreading positivity and enthusiasm for all the things she loves from her puppy to K-pop, so we had to find out how the She-Ra star is keeping things light and happy while social-distancing. We caught up with Merit, and she shared all of her recommendations for entertainment, inspiration, and even a way to hang out with Merit herself soon!

A Dramatic Watch-List

If you keep up with Merit, then you know that she loves Asian cultures and media. So, it’s no surprise that she told us that she’s been watching lots of Korean TV and movie dramas. “My recent favorites are W – Two Worlds, Hotel Del Luna, and While You Were Sleeping!”

K-Pop Till You Drop

Along with Korean TV shows and movies, Merit has been listening to K-Pop and J-Pop. In fact, she shared her current go-to playlist with us, so you can enjoy them along with her!

Merit’s Playlist

“Sunny Day Song” — μ’s 
“Happy Maker!” — μ’s 
“Kimino Mikata” — Kyary Pamyu Pamyu 
“Yoiyoi Kokon” — REOL
“Genki Zenkai DAY!DAY!DAY!” — CYaRon!
“Moshi Moshi Japon” — CY8ER
“Eat it! Deadly!! Cat-Punch★ – We’re Fighting Nyakotan Level 5” — The World Standard (Wasuta)
“Girl x Friend” — EXO
“Gravity” — EXO
“Dlwlrma” — IU
“My Second Date” — Red Velvet 
“Kick It” — NCT 127
“Dunk Shot” — NCT DREAM

Manga and Animal Crossing

When we asked Merit about what she’s been reading she laughed and asked, “Does the text in Animal Crossing: New Horizons count? Because that’s what I’ve been spending all my time doing!” But a cute new video game isn’t the only thing on her reading list. “Other than that, I do like reading manga like Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon!” She said.

Positive Podcasting

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Starting the day off right is more important now than ever. So, spending time listening to Rhett and Link, the hosts of the YouTube channel Good Mythical Morning, on their podcast Ear Biscuits is part of Merit’s day-to-day routine.

Finding Inspiration

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Merit is finding inspiration in the media she’s consuming. “I’m inspired by actor Lee Jong-suk,” she shared. “He’s the lead in most of the K-dramas I’m currently binging! He’s incredibly talented. I’m blown away by his work.”

New projects and her keeping her usual support system close are also giving her an inspirational boost. “I’ve been setting up my new streaming equipment for Twitch and spending time with my family!” Hopefully, that means we can look forward to some inspiration and fun content from Merit in the future!

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