If you’ve been wondering why #shuffledance is trending on TikTok, New York City-based dance instructor and TikToker Elena Cruz is the person to look out for. Known for showing off her quick-stepping moves on social media, Elena has risen to internet fame performing her shuffles and now, sharing them with us. Lately, She has been offering live classes while people can’t get to the studio, but if you’re looking for a challenge instead of a class, you can also learn some of her dances for free. You just need your phone and a few basic moves.



♬ In A Club – Volac x illusionize x Andre Longo

In her TikTok tutorials, Elena breaks her shuffles down into Polly pockets, leg swings, and running man moves. Oh, and you pretty much have to love “Baby Work It” since it’s the soundtrack to many of her tutorials. (Can you blame her? It’s a bop!) From there, all you have to do is master the footwork and pick up the pace!


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♬ Baby Work It – yourfavouritegarconmusic

Before you know it, you’ll be shuffling to every song that comes on. All you need is a beat! The rest is all about those shuffle moves and having fun. Plus, these moves are perfect for freestyle breaks (and Fortnite dances).