Now that November is officially here, stores, people, and entertainment outlets everywhere are switching gears to move from spooky images to winter wonderlands and candy canes. Disney, is, of course, bringing in the holiday cheer with a movie that we have been waiting for since last holiday season, The Nutcracker and The Four Realms.

A major spin on the timeless classic that studios, theaters, and dancers prepare for all year, the movie takes Clara and her Nutcracker on a journey through more than just her house. On a journey to find the key that will unlock a precious gift, Clara ends up with the mice and regents of three magical realms. As she travels through them with the help of a soldier named Phillip, she will have to use her skills and her connection to her deceased mother to restore balance to the magical world.

This isn’t just a holiday movie. Even though Disney drew little from the original story to create the film, we still get some of the dancing we crave every holiday season. This year, we get to see The Nutcracker danced out by one of our favorite ballerinas, Misty Copeland. Misty takes on a smaller role in the film as The Ballerina, but she is definitely the person to keep your eyes on.

In a recent interview with Associated Press, Misty said, “My character is going to live on forever in this film,” and we can’t imagine anyone who would have been better for the role. After seeing her take on The Ballerina princess, we doubt anyone will be able to forget her role (as if Misty wasn’t constantly on our minds already).