We’re live at our East Coast Finals asking dancers about the most important lesson dancing has taught them. Here’s what they said:


“You can use your emotions for good.”

– Brooke, Jillian Ryan’s Dance Studio


“Dance with your heart and have fun doing it.”

– Priscilla, Center Stage Dance & Gymnastics


“Stay true to yourself, and never give up.”

– Megan, Center Stage Dance & Gymnastics


“Never underestimate yourself.”

– Jackalyn, Center Stage Dance & Gymnastics


“Never hold back…confidence is key.”

– Sydney, Fuzion Dance Academy


“Be humble, and always be a team player.”

– Olivia, Miss Donna’s School of Dancing

“Dancing has taught me that you do not have to win 1st plact to be 1st place. It just might not have been your day to win! You can always keep trying!”

– Kadence, Helmer Dance Studio


“I should strive for something higher than I am.”

– Taylor, Power Up Dance Center

“Defy the limits, and never doubt yourself!”

– Olivia, Hannah Bergstrom School of Dance


“Success doesn’t come without hard work.”

– Madeline, CSRT Dance


“Dance friends are forever friends.”

– Marissa, Dynamic Footworks

What’s the most important lesson dancing has taught you? Let us know!