NBC’s World of Dance returned this week for a third season of hours of entertainment from dancers all over the world. Like last season, the competition show returned with four divisions (Junior, Junior Team, Upper, and Upper Team) and our three favorite judges. The one major change? All the scores are higher. Instead of making it through the Qualifiers round with a score of 80, each act must now score at least an 85.

Also new? The show’s host.

Jenna Dewan is no longer hosting NBC’s World of Dance, but she may be returning later in the season to mentor the contestants in some of the later rounds. Now hosting the competition is sports and news talent Scott Evans.


In Season 2 Aiden took on this competition as a member of the group Poeretics. This season, he returned with partner Erica as an urban contemporary duo. With only a few months of partnership under their feet, they didn’t quite have the chemistry the judges were looking for.

Score: 84.7

Jonathan and Jorge are from opposite hemispheres, but they are salsa cabaret dancers and best friends on the same stage. J Lo said, “They are J Lo back up dancers,” before they even started dancing, and they only continued to impress her with their tricks.

Score: 88.7 (and a salsa lesson from Derek)

Poppin John is a star from the early days of YouTube, but his talent hasn’t faded since that first viral video. “Let him battle” could be heard from the audience after his performance. Ne-Yo didn’t think he was competitive enough to move through the competition, but J Lo seemed to think he would be able to pull the audience in like Konkrete and B-Dash did last season.

Score: 85.3

The first tapping act to take the stage this season was the D’Angelo Brothers. They brought their charisma and fast feet from Italy with a rhythmatic routine full of incredible tricks. (Yes, they did tap toes and pull off a flip.)

Score: 87.3

Upper Team

The Kings traveled from Mumbai, India to share their Bolly-hop style with us. These dancers aren’t new to competition. They won India’s Got Talent Season 3 in 2011. Their performance opened the season with all of the acrobatic interest of a Bollywood performance and the attitude of hip hop. Their fighter style definitely reminded us of Kinjaz. The judges were even throwing their shoes.

Score: 97.7 (plus, one of J Lo’s shoes)

The Heima traveled from South Korea to bring multiple styles of dance to the World of Dance stage. Their performance included everything from traditional breaking moves to a soft contemporary feel. How many headspins was that!?

Score: 93.7


Funkanometry is the hip hop duo created by Carlo and Jackson from Vancouver Island, Canada. Unlike Aiden and Erica who went before them, these two have incredible chemistry on stage and in conversation. Maybe they should rethink their name. Funkemistry?

Score: 87.3

You might recognize one of the dancers in the next duo from Showstopper’s Sparkle Society–Charlize Glass! Julian and Charlize are both professional hip hop dancers with a passion for choreography. The judges were impressed, but they wanted just a tiny bit more.

Score: 87

Ellie and Ava are sisters from Woodbridge, Virginia with a competitive streak, but their ability to stay on the same level on stage is something that had the judges and the audience impressed. J Lo called their contemporary performance poetic.

Score: 92.3

Like many of the world’s most talented dancers, 17-year-old Lauren Yakima has been competing since she was tiny. She took the stage with confidence and power. We wouldn’t be surprised if she became the next Eva Igo.


Junior Team

The Crazy 8’s are a group of tiny friends from Anaheim Hills, California, and they came to the competition to share the story of one team member who’s selective mutism keeps her from communicating with most people outside of her best friends and close family. The judges were, of course, inspired.

Score: 93 (and a hug from J Lo)

The Minibots come from Vancouver with a robotic style and a horror movie stare (yes, one of them was in The Poltergeist). The judges thought their interest in their personal lives was endearing, but they were missing an essential synchronicity.

Score: 83.3

The final team to take the stage came from Arizona to show off what it means to be part of the Elektro Crew. They were synchronized and exciting, but the judges wanted to see a little more intricacy paired with their incredible teamwork.

Score: 86.3

These acts and more took the stage for the season premiere. Next week, the Qualifiers continue as the judges select more dancers to battle it out in the Duels. NBC’s World of Dance airs on NBC Sundays at 8/7c.


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