As if we weren’t still singing “drivers license” in the car every chance we get, Olivia Rodrigo is back with another bittersweet single called “deja vu.”

Olivia sings about finding out that the someone she used to be with is dating another girl and doing all of the same things they used to do from jokes to sweet moments. She shares how they’re all replayed and upset, but eventually, it seems like she reconciles with the fact that he is the problem, not either of the girls he’s reusing these moments with.

The “deja vu” music video is a dreamy throwback to classic film scenes of lacy dresses and secluded beaches as Olivia and a doppelganger “Other Girl” played by (Talia Ryder) play out memories of a relationship that Talia’s character is currently in with Olivia’s former love.

On the upside of this sort of sad song, Olivia is still making use of her driver’s license in a cream Mercedes convertible in the video. Here’s hoping she’s driving away from the deja vu of seeing an ex with someone new. The real question is about more than cars and lost loves, though. With two singles out now, can we expect an EP or even a debut album from Olivia this year?

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