Can you believe it has been four months since we last saw a new music video from Tate McRae? The pop star has been busy appearing and performing at awards shows and festivals lately (and prepping for an early 2022 tour with Shawn Mendes!). In between red carpets and her single “you broke me first” going double platinum in the US, Tate has put together an incredible new music video for her song “feel like sh*t.”

“feel like sh*t” is about realizing that the hardest part of ending a relationship might not be the breakup but the aftermath. “I would say I’m pretty tough / But it’s been a couple weeks now and I still feel stuck in my lungs” sings Tate in the song’s first verse while in the video, Tate is in an alley taking out the trash while her partner looks down at her from the kitchen door.

Directed by Michelle Dawley and choreographed by Noelle Marsh, the music video follows Tate and her partner Mason Cutler as waiters dancing out their breakup in the kitchen and dining space of a restaurant. “What a dream to choreograph alongside @michelleldawley and spend the week diving deep into this story with this team of artists,” Noelle said in an Instagram post sharing a clip of the music video. A dream, for sure! This is a music video you absolutely cannot look away from. Every movement in the dance is just one sentence in the whole story, and you don’t want to miss a word.

If you can’t get enough of “feel like sh*t,” you’re in luck! The song is the first single on Tate’s debut album which we should all be enjoying in 2022. Until then, we have a dance to learn. Check it out!