As the pastel trend inspired by millennial pinks and blues continues to inspire everything from home decor to fashion, the perfect summer hair color has revealed itself, and it is, of course, pink โ€“ more specifically, peach shades of the very popular pastel pink look.

Pink hair is nothing new. With so many shades and variations to choose from such as rose gold, pastels, and even Showstopper pink, it is easy to find a style that matches anyoneโ€™s personality. Why are people hanging on to peach this summer? It is one of the most recent pink hair looks to emerge on social media. Merging the bright happy look of pastels with something a little different from millennial pink or dusty rose gold, peach stands out.ย  #peachhair on Instagram, one of the largest sources of hair inspiration, bursts with over 87,000 posts of people sharing their peachy locks.

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With Coachella starting in less than a week, this trend will probably gain even more traction as people look for stand-out styles to complement their bold and glittery festival fashion. Nothing says ready for summer like a wardrobe change.

Despite the many variations of this style, three seem to stand out as overall favorites. The first is a pink look with exposed roots of the personโ€™s natural color. This look is popular because it is not quite as bold as a complete head of pink hair, and the blend of colors gives the overall style more texture when down and especially in a pony tail. Next, is blended pinks and oranges that generate the peachy effect. This blend is done in a few ways, but the most typical are ombres and layers. The last is the most subtle pink look โ€“ adding a tint of pink or orange to the hair. This look is the most natural looking and works well for anyone who wants the color to fade fast so they can move on to the next trend.

New hair trends appear all the time, but we have yet to see one as colorful as peach hair (or any variation of pink) fall out of favor with colorists and hair trend enthusiasts. It is only a matter of time before a new style of pink hair is introduced into the Instagram pool of summer looks, but it is doubtful that it will undermine any of its predecessors.

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