Ashlund Jade

Singer, actress, model and dancer? Yup Ashland Jade encompasses all of that talent and then some at the age of 14 years old. Ashlund is on her way to becoming a mega star in the industry with her killer vocals and effortless dance moves. This pop diva has been making waves on Youtube with her creative cover videos to songs by major artists. She also lets you in on some of her favorite daily duties and make up tricks too, which makes her super relatable. If you are new to finding out about her you better catch up. She’s starring and competing on Lifetime’s “The Pop Game”  for a chance to sign a record deal with one of the music industries best producers, Timbaland. The show premiered last night and we are blown away by how good she is. Make sure you catch the next episode on Tuesday at 10/9 c, and make sure you keep Ashlund Jade on your radars as one to watch!

Watch her cover for Hailee Steinfeld’s hit single “Starving”.



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