She’s bucking her way to the top, one dance competition at a time!


Queen Cammie

Camryn Harris is a bucking barbie. If you aren’t sure what that means then look at the video above. It’s a term used for dancers involved in majorette  who slay the dance floor. Cammie has been a member of the dancing dolls for a long time now. She started the show at the tender age of 12 and has been stealing the show ever since..literally she’s the captain now and runs the thing.

If you haven’t seen the show you are surely missing out. The style of dancing that Cammie and her team perform is hard work. They have to memorize a ton of dances to battle other dance teams with. A perfect example is what you see above.

Cammie is a fierce competitor and leader. She always leads her team in the right direction and works hard for everything.



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Cammie recently signed a contract with top LA talent agency MSA, and we can totally see why. We are definately going to be seeing a lot more of Camryn. Well that’s when she isn’t already on a Bring It live tour of coarse. What other 16 year old do you know on their own live tour.

We’ve got to give it to you Cammie, you are one amazing dancer!