The When You Work at a Museum dance contest for museum staff has been filling the internet with hilarious parodies from the country’s scientists. Recently, The Science Museum of Virginia (SMV) won the national title for the competition this week with their video submission of “Factual” a parody of Olivia Newton-John’s hit “Physical”.

SMV is a museum filled with hundreds of interactive exhibits that teach visitors about everything from technology and engineering to space and Earth. The museum also an immersive theater experience for science presentations put on in “The Dome” and is a frequent host for visiting exhibitions from all over the world.

The museum is all about interacting with science and the world through hands-on exploration. This is showcased in their music video as a scientist is green-screened into several of the museum’s exhibits and experiments. But, that’s not all. The museum’s staff gathered together for a mini-mob of dancing brainiacs dabbing for science.

The SVA was not done in the United States. They took on the international competition. Yesterday, “Factual” went up against videos from six other museums from New Zealand, Canada, Mexico, Australia, Ukraine, and the United Kingdom. After the polls closed with over 140,000 votes, the world had chosen a winner. With 53,359 votes, the South Canterbury Museum in New Zealand won the competition for their “Ballroom Blitz” video. SMV came in second with 29,352 votes followed by Ukraine’s Kamianets-Podilskyi Museum, Australia’s National Film and Sound Archive of Australia, Mexico’s Instituto de Investigaciones Culturales – Museo de la UABC, the United Kingdom Brooklands Museum, and Canada’s Glanmore National Historic Site.

Unfortunately, after five years of nerdy dance-offs, the creators of the contest have decided this will be the last Musem Dance Off. However, they hope to reboot it in a new format sometime in the future.

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