Supporting movements for equality means putting yourself and your resources out there. If one of your resources is money, donating even small amounts to organizations that are actively working toward change makes a difference. This short list includes some of those organizations, but it does not cover the entire list of incredible groups working hard to make the world a better place.

If you can’t donate, see below for more information about how you can contribute. Being supportive means many things, and you can show it in many ways including signing petitions, having educational discussions with yourself and with the people close to you, calling your representatives, and supporting the people that are doing the hard work by volunteering or protesting.

Black Lives Matter

Black Lives Matter Foundation, Inc. is an international organization that works to get rid of white supremacy, systematic racism, police brutality, and violence inflicted on people based on race.

You can donate to Black Lives Matter Here. Learn more about the organization here.

Campaign Zero

Campaign Zero works toward change by “limiting police interventions, improving community interactions, and ensuring accountability.” They work to improve policy and change the “standard” procedures that allow violence to occur based on race.

You can donate to Campaign Zero here. Learn more about the organization here.

Anti-Police-Terror Project

APTP works to “build a replicable and sustainable model to eradicate police terror in communities of color.” They support people that have experienced injustice, document cases of that injustice, and work to bring people and resources together.

You can donate to APTP here. Learn more about the organization here.

National Bail Fund Network


The National Bail Fund Network brings over sixty community bail and bond funds across the country together to collect bail funds. They are currently taking donations to help protesters that are wrongly arrested for exercising their First Amendment rights.

You can donate to the National Bail Fund Network here. You can learn more about the organization here.

Black Visions Collective

The Black Visions Collective “[aims] to center our work in healing and transformative justice principles, intentionally develop our organization’s core ‘DNA’ to ensure sustainability, and develop Minnesota’s emerging Black leadership to lead powerful campaigns.” They work to raise awareness about inequality and discrimination based on race.

You can donate to Black Visions Collective here. You can learn more about the organization here.

NAACP Legal Defense Fund

The NAACP Legal Defense Fund works toward a society in which there is equality for all Americans and an end racial injustice. This fund helps them win legal battles, protect voters, and continue to do that work.

You can donate to the NAACP Legal Defense Fund here. You can learn more about the organization here.

Can’t Afford to Donate?

You can watch videos like the one below where influencers are using ad revenue from their platforms to donate for people without the financial means to support organizations like the ones above.

You can also use your own platforms to spread valuable information about places to donate, misconceptions, and race-related conversations. Even if you’re only followers are your family and friends, your work posting and sharing makes a difference because it is a step toward actively educating people about racial discrimination and inequality.

If all you have is your time, you can also sign petitions to act on cases of violence and change policies that allow discrimination to be common practice. It takes seconds to put your name on a petition, and there are dozens out there that you can add your voice to.

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