Taylor Hatala

This Canadian born dancer is taking over the USA. She’s got killer hip hop moves and even better choreography. Did I mention she’s only 13?


Taylor has been a dancing phenom since the age of 3. She came into the spotlight at 11 years old thanks to a viral video of her dancing to Nicki Minaj’s Anaconda.  Those videos landed her some major opportunities in the industry. Taylor was able to dance alongside THE Janet Jackson during her tour.




I wonder if that’s how she became besties with fellow OTR star Kyndall Harris.


From there she was able to land a visit to the Ellen Degeneres show twice ( Once with her choreographer and once with Kyndall) , and show off her moves on national t.v. She’s performed on lifetime, been in numerous music videos and now hosts her own dance workshops. It may seem like a hard job for a 13 year old, but Taylor is rocking it effortlessly.

Taylor showing off some of her choreography.

Dancing must run in the family because little sister Reese is a an amazing dancer as well.


Keep it up Taylor, pretty soon you’ll be choreographing for some of the hottest stars around!

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