Dancing is good for your mind, body, and soul. There are few things with as many benefits as dance. So, obviously, we’re always trying to add more dance to our days. A place you might not be getting enough dance? Your morning routine. Wake up! It’s time to add dance to your morning routine.

Wake Up Your Brain

Getting moving in the morning is important for starting your day off energized. Dancing in the mirror while you brush your teeth can be the difference between trudging out of the house at the beginning of your day and strutting out ready for the day.

Start Your Day Off Joyful

We all know that dance is an incredible source of happiness, but from a health standpoint alone, exercising (and dance is exercise!) is good for your mood. Plus, how can you be upset if you start the day grooving to all your favorite songs?

Get in that Early Morning Workout

Let’s face it. We all need to exercise. Good news! Dancing is the best exercise. And if you want to really get down to business, you can combine some casual morning dancing with a stretch routine and some basic exercises and be set for the perfect easy morning workout.