Since girl group Run The World debuted, they have been sharing upbeat new music with dance-inspired videos. For their latest project, RTW changed gears and covered a classic track.

Haley LeBlanch, Kheris Rogers, Corinne Joy, and Jessalyn Grace channeled butterfly daydreams and fairytale vibes with a forest music video for their cover of “Beautiful” by Christina Aguilera. While it isn’t as a high energy as the pop music that the group has been putting out so far, this early 2000s track fits perfectly into Run The World’s positivity-driven music.

“It’s about all of us being beautiful in our own way,” Run The World said about the song. “We are each incredibly unique. Our favorite thing about the song is the message behind the song; the lyrics make us feel confident and beautiful. Beautiful is all about loving yourself and expressing who you are.”

This track is also the group’s first cover. Despite being part of Jam Jr. which produces covers of popular songs with young stars, Run The World has been focused on original music. It seems like they’ll be creating a variety of new and covered music in the future. We’ll just have to wait until their self-titled debut album release on November 20 to see what else they’ve been working on!

Check out the video!

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