Joy-driven girl group Run The World shared their latest single “Diamond Hearts” a little over a week ago alongside their appearance at the virtual Justice World Experience. Since then they have also released the music video for the new track.

Unlike their first, socially-distanced music video for their debut single “Rainbow,” “Diamond Hearts” features Hayley LeBlanc, Kheris Rogers, Jessalyn Grace, and Corinne Joy together as they go on a mission to fight Mosquito, a villain that has stolen the diamond heart in a Pink Panther-esque heist. As they recover the three shards of the gem, the members of Run The World each showcase their own talents and, of course, dance their way to victory.

You can learn their spy moves, too! Luckily for Run The World fans everywhere, the group also released a tutorial video with Corinne breaking down the “Diamond Hearts” dance. They might have defeated Mosquito this time, but Run The World and their fans need to keep their moves ready for when she makes her comeback. (In their next single, maybe?)

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