Teen stars Kheris Rogers, Hayley LeBlanc, Corinne Joy, and Jessalyn Grace are the stars of the latest Jam Jr. project, Run the World. The girl group dropped their first single, “Rainbow” today.

“Rainbow” is meant to be an uplifting anthem that will help the fans of Run the World’s members stay positive in light of the COVID-19 pandemic (and more!). We spoke with the members of Run the World about their new group and what they hope to do with their music.

“Our goal as a girl group is to inspire and empower all girls, to use our music as a voice for anyone who needs strength,” Corrine told us. She describes the group’s music as “very upbeat, meaningful, and purposeful,” and the other group members echo this. Jessalyn shared that she sees the group as something that will encourage girls to “empower each other and be true to themselves.” Kheris shared that she hopes to empower young boys as well.

The song isn’t just uplifting for their fans, Run the World’s members are facing some of the same struggles that their audience is along with the rest of the world. Producing the song and music video required them to work together at a distance to create something fun and cohesive–which is probably why the song is so genuine.

“Since we are a girl group forming during quarantine, we can’t produce or film in person,” Jessalyn shared. “So the whole process has been quite interesting and fun.” Corrine felt the same. “My favorite part of the song process was recording and then later hearing all of our voices together,” she told us.

“Our song ‘Rainbow’ is dedicated to everyone, especially to all of the essential workers, anyone who is experiencing hardship, sadness, pretty much anyone in general who’s affected by what’s currently happening around the world and in their personal life,” Jessalyn said. “We want everyone to know that you can make a rainbow anywhere,” Corrine told us.

Hayley shared with us how the song became even more important as they worked on it and how their goals evolved. “When we first started working on this song, we were inspired by the kids all over the world placing handmade rainbows on their windows to help spread joy during the COVID-19 pandemic,” she said. “As we continued working on it and began filming the video, we felt even more inspired and full of love in our hearts for the #BlackLivesMatter movement and the celebration of Pride Month for the LGBTQIA+ community. It was then that we realized this wasn’t just a song for the COVID-19 healthcare workers… this is a song for people from all walks of life. A song built out of love, in order to spread love, to people all over the world who deserve love.  ‘Rainbow’ is a song dedicated to all of humanity.”

As part of the song’s release, Kheris, Hayley, Corinne, and Jessalyn are joining Girl Scouts for Instagram Live on Saturday, June 27 at 5PM EST in celebrating their end of year accomplishments. Gavin Magnus and twins DJs Amira and Kayla will also be part of the event which will feature fun, giveaways, and lots of dancing.  

While “Rainbow” is an uplifting track on its own, it’s also an invitation to dance. In the music video, a collage of clips from the girls at home singing, they also dance. “Dance makes you feel good and free,” Kheris told us. Hayley echoed this idea, “Dancing brings everyone joy! It’s a real boredom saver…and you can enjoy it either with your friends or alone!“ All four members of Run the World see dance and music as the perfect forms of expression for getting through hard times. Kheris’ favorite part of producing “Rainbow” was dancing around her room during filming for the music video.

Run the World isn’t only here to create music for hard times. They want to continue to be a positive force in the future, too. They shared with us that they have plans to share even more music and dancing in the future! In fact, Hayley told us that they are currently working on their first album. “P.S. it’s amazing!!!” Kheris said.

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