Run The World released their self-titled debut album this weekend. After releasing their first single only four months ago, the girl group has been working hard to share positive and uplifting messages and encourage their fans to enjoy all of the awesome things, from rainbows to diamond hearts, in their lives.

They put emphasis on the empowerment theme that has driven their music from the start in their debut album. The collection features their singles “Rainbow” and “Diamond Hearts,” as well as three additional new original tracks and their covers of hit song Christina Aguilera’s “Beautiful” and Cyndi Lauper’s “Girls Just Want To Have Fun.”

“You’re loved and you should always love yourself because you are beautiful inside and out,” the group says about their album. “You should always help someone out that you feel that is in need. If you see someone being torn down, always bring them up. We’re always going to bring you up through our music.”

Along with their upbeat covers and original songs, Run The World included a small bonus in their first album. The eight track is another cover. With their late November release, it makes sense that the girls would want to include some cheer, too, adding a “Last Christmas” cover and releasing a cheerful (and pink!) music video to go along with it. This weekend, RTW fans got a lot of awesome new music to get excited about. What’s your favorite song?

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