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“I have been singing as far back as I can remember,” 9-year-old Sam Pio told us when we asked about her music. Alongside singing, Sam is an actress and model and has been from a young age. As a baby, she was introduced to modeling in shoots for brands like OshKosh B’gosh and Vertibaudet Fashion Kids and quickly moved on to acting and singing in commercials, theater, and film. Now, she’s pushing even further, with two Christian albums coming out this year.

“I love singing Christian songs to tell people about God,” Sam said, sharing that everything she does is in some way connected to her faith. “Basically, I have a strong connection to my faith, and I love sharing God’s love in any and every opportunity.”

Her latest project is a cover album of contemporary Christian songs and classic hymns titled Be Blessed that came out at the end of April. Choosing songs to cover for the album came down to how Sam thought people would connect to songs that she loves. Her favorite of the twelve songs featured, “Amazing Grace” and “Give Thanks,” is “Jesus Loves Me.” She likes that the lyrics are about Jesus’ journey.

Following Be Blessed later this year, Sam’s debut solo album Be The Light is going to be a full collection of original songs. Sam shared that with each song she wrote, she worked with songwriting and voice coaches to get them ready to record. “It’s a long process!” From inspiration to recording, Sam is working hard to make everything perfect.

Be Blessed is available to listen to now on Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon, and other major music streaming platforms.

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