Billie Eilish shook up her image with a British Vogue shoot inspired by vintage pin-up styles. In the resulting photos and videos, Billie rocks curls, silk, and corsets on muted backgrounds. One of those videos, a part of Vogue‘s “Ask a Legend” series, features Billie in a custom blush-toned 16Arlington shirt dress with a dramatic collar and wide cuffs.

The old Hollywood glam set was just a backdrop for the video’s real purpose, an interview made up of questions from 23 celebrity fans including Avril Lavigne, Stormzy, Hailey Bieber, and Viola Davis. They asked about everything from firsts (Billie recently went on her first date!) to when her next album is coming out (Happier Than Ever is coming out at the end of July). Missy Elliot also asked about songs Billie wishes she could have made music videos for but didn’t.

“I was wondering is there any songs that you recorded that you love but you didn’t get a chance to shoot a video for, and if so, what songs are they?” Missy Elliot asked.

We all know that Billie loves elaborate music videos from crying black tears to putting a tarantula in her mouth, and she even included a green anaconda named Archie in her latest video for her single “Your Power,” so

“‘i love you’ is one of my favorite songs of my own, and I didn’t get to make a video for it,” Billie said. “Same with ‘ilomilo.’ It’s just like the time got away from me, you know?” These songs from Billie’s debut studio album WHEN WE ALL FALL ASLEEP, WHERE DO WE GO? Both songs focus on the complications of being in love, so we’re sure any music videos would have been bittersweet. Would she have leaned into the video game inspiration of “ilomilo”?

Since she’s moved onto a new era, we probably won’t be getting any more videos for past songs, but we’re excited to see what Billie has in store for her new singles.

You can check out Billie’s full interview below!

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