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me: lets take a photo dad: can we rehearse first

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“The time has come,” Sean Lew said in his recent video “it’s about time…”

Four years ago, Sean had an idea to create a piece to inspire as many people as he could, sharing things he’s learned and important messages. “The most important thing to me was to leave a thumbprint of who I am and how I can help anyone who’s gone through hard times or even good times and use dance as a form of connection to bring people together,” he said. This led to the release of his 2017 film Wrong Words.

The feedback from his first film made Sean want to continue on this path. “What if I just made it something bigger?” He asked. Bringing his experiences as a dancer and as a human being together, he launched a GoFundMe for the project and got to work. It ended up being more work than he expected, though. Writing, casting, and choreographing a film can be a long process, and Sean was trying to capture humanity.

“It’s been an insane journey,” he said. From all of the stress and excitement that has come with undertaking this massive project and working with dancers from around the world (including his best friend Kaycee Rice), Sean has produced a new film. “Every single thing you’ve seen and witnessed from me has all been just an introduction to something bigger, something great and–to this,” he said in his announcement.

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coming soon.

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Sean’s new film project, II: An Unspoken Narrative, will be coming soon.

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