Selena Gomez released her first post-Rare single today. The Spanish track, “De Una Vez” (“At Once”) is her first solely Latin single (though she has been featured in songs by Latin artists like DJ Snake and recorded Spanish covers).

“De Una Vez” follows the themes of self-love that she explored in Rare. “No tengo a ti (I don’t have you) / Me tengo a mi ​(I have myself),” Selena sings. But she didn’t stop with moving lyrics. The music video released alongside the single sets the scene for even more reality-bending music videos as she moves through a house overpopulated with lamps, floating suitcases, and tornadoed ceilings.

“De Una Vez” is streaming now. (And already working its way to the top of music charts.) With this single likely leading her fans toward her next project, fans are getting their hopes up that Selena might be planning on reaching a Spanish album soon. Fingers crossed!