Lilly Singh just kicked off the second season of her late night show, but in Teen Vogue‘s most recent “Firsts” video, the comedian and host of A Little Late with Lilly Singh, is sharing some of her firsts, including some dances and performance mishaps.

Lilly’s first live performance was at a high school talent show.

You might have thought that Lilly fist dipped her toes into live performances at VidCon or one of her own tours, but it was she was actually dancing in a talent show. The crew was made up of Lilly and four guys. “I discovered that I’m bomb as hell at dancing!” she told Teen Vogue.

The moves? She admitted that she stole it from the 2004 film You Got Served, and she still remembers them well. Did those moves win them the talent show? We have to know!

Her first on-stage mishap was with her dance team.

In the final counts of a performance, Lilly stumbled on the final trick of her team’s routine! “We were a bhangra dance team, which is Punjabi dancing, and there as a stunt,” Lilly said. “The worst thing you can do is finish a routine with a stunt because then it’s like if this goes wrong, everything you did prior to this doesn’t even matter, and bhangra’s so tiring.”

The move was for Lilly to step onto two dancers crouched in a staircase formation and pose. “It’s not even hard!” She said. “I just had to take two steps.”

She didn’t just fall, though. She grabbed the dancer next to her by the hair and brought him down with her. Unfortunately, that was the exact moment a local reporter chose to snap a photo, and the slip-up was printed on the front page of the paper the next day.

Among Lilly’s other firsts are her first sketches, YouTube collabs, and the moment when she first found her love of performing! Check out the full interview!