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Olivia Rodrigo’s debut single “drivers license” has been on repeat everywhere since its release over the weekend. Drawing the attention of fans around the world, Olivia’s emotional ballad has topped global streaming charts and even gotten love from Taylor Swift. Rolling Stone is already calling for “drivers license” to be the song of the year, and we don’t disagree.

With all that love, it’s no surprise that YouTube and TikTok creators are sharing their own covers and remixes. One type of cover quickly becoming popular takes on the perspective of “the blonde girl.” 19-year-old lyricist, singer, and YouTuber Eve Christina posted a unique take on the blonde girl’s story, and we’ve been listening to it almost as much as Olivia’s single.

Eve only started writing her own songs in the last four years, but music has always been part of her life growing up in England. “I’ve always had a passion for music,” she told us. “My parents are both musical, and therefore, I have always been surrounded by it!” Now she’s invested in getting her own music out there.

Her “drivers license cover” is partly a product of the excess of free time she’s found since she graduated last summer. “I was hoping to have a more exciting gap year, but obviously Corona didn’t allow it! I am definitely looking forward to being able to perform live once everything is back to normal here in the UK!” Until then, she told us, she’s just writing as much as she can, finding inspiration in artists like Taylor Swift, Maisie Peters, Lizzy Mcalpine, Julia Michaels, and of course, Olivia Rodrigo.

Eve isn’t just jumping on the global love for “drivers license.” In fact, she’s been a fan of Olivia Rodrigo and her writing for a while. “[I] am always going back to the short original songs that she posts on [Instagram],” she said. “Her lyrics and melodies are so clever and very much the style of music that I am generally drawn towards.” The new single is just another example of everything Eve loves about Olivia’s work. She calls the ballad “euphoric” and shared that she’s been listening to it on repeat for hours since it released over the weekend. She had to cover it.

Our favorite lyrics from Eve’s rewrite might just be “Oh, I’ll be okay if you want to choose her over me / cause I know she’s waiting for you at the end of your street,” (Yes, we’re sobbing.) but what we love the most is that she did more than change a few words. Her “blonde girl” point of view is a whole new chapter in the story that Olivia started.

“I find it so fun imagining how the other side of the story would respond to the original lyrics,” she shared. “I really like to create a whole story and make sure that my lyrics aren’t predictable.” Can you tell that lyrics are her favorite part of creating a song?

Eve has her own collection of original songs available to stream on Spotify and Apple Music, so when you’re not obsessing over “drivers license” and her cover, you can get even more of her incredible lyricism. Lucky for us, she’s hoping to release even more music in the year ahead!

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