Bralyn Rose is another Concord Regionals dancer that we had to give some shine. Dancing is her passion, and she does it all while battling a severe health issue. Check out Bralyn as we highlight some of her favorite things as well as learn how she deals with type 1 diabetes!

Name: Bralyn Rose 

Birthday: Aug. 15

Studio: Floyd Ward School of Dance

Favorite Color: Mint green

Favorite Emoji: ?

Favorite Dancer: Sophia Lucia

Favorite Genre of Dance: Contemporary 




What’s your favorite thing about Showstopper

“The challenge and experience you get when competing.”

What unique thing do you keep in your dance bag?

“Dance Shoes”

What is the most important lesson dancing has taught you?

“To always challenge myself, and that confidence is key.”

Tell us a story about something awesome you’ve done.

“I have type 1 diabetes and I fight back against my disease every time I perform on stage. I try to dance as if I don’t even have it.”

What can you tell dancers who are facing obstacles like yours?

“I would say to any dancers that are facing similar struggles, don’t let these circumstances define you. Life is not always perfect and sometimes I think we are given these struggles to prove just how strong we are. I have so much faith and know that I may have bad days to come but my faith, friendships and family will help me rise above it. Use these obstacles to only push you forward. See people that face struggles similar to mine don’t have an opportunity to turn and run. Face it head on and when you accomplish your goals it will feel even better. I know that it does for me.”






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