Concord showed us an amazing time. It gave us the chance to to meet some pretty amazing dancers like ChaVon Shade! Dancing is her first love, but helping others is also a big deal in this girls life. Check out how she helped her community in a big way, along with some of her favorite things!

Name:  ChaVon Shade

Birthday: Sept. 25

Studio: Brand Performing Arts Center

Favorite Color: Blue

Favorite Emoji: ?

Favorite Dancer: Misty Copeland 

Favorite Genre of Dance:  Lyrical



What’s your favorite thing about Showstopper

“Everything! It’s so awesome here, I just can’t narrow it down.”

What unique thing do you keep in your dance bag?


What is the most important lesson dancing has taught you?

“Teamwork. When you work together, amazing things can happen.”

Tell us a story about something awesome you’ve done.

” Every year my studio agrees to participate in community service, and this year I was able to raise over $2,000 for South Eastern Cancer Care. As a studio we raised $21,000. I was able to raise so much myself by getting my whole family involved. We found donors and sold ads for my dance studios annual Showcase playbill. It was such a great experience.”

What advice can you give dancers who want to get involved with helping their community?

I have always been taught that it is better to give than to receive. Many of us are so fortunate and there are so many people or organizations that could benefit from assistance, not necessarily financial. Just think of something that matters or is important to you and talk to someone about your interest.  It’s not hard to make a change, you just have to do it. During our annual BPAC Christmas party we make cancer care bags, and we have been told how much the patients enjoy them. Something as small as that can have a huge impact. Knowing that you made a difference actually feels good and others will truly appreciate your efforts.”

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