Polly Pocket is branching out. The days when our tiny blonde friend spent all her time going on pocket-sized adventures only as a doll are over! On Polly’s YouTube channel, she and her friends go on adventures in full-length episodes of her very own cartoon. But, wait. There’s more. Now, it looks like Polly Pocket might be moving in more musical directions.

Last week, Polly teamed up with skate and surf superstar (and Showstopper Sparkle Society member!) Sky Brown. Sky stars in the music video for the Polly Pocket original song “Tiny is Mighty”.

In the video, Sky and friends show up to a skatepark ready to shred only to find that older kids in the park seriously underestimate them. Cue Sky pulling off some incredible tricks most of us could only dream of, proving that size has nothing to do with talent or skill.

Of course, like Sky says at the beginning of the video, we probably shouldn’t try to pull off any of her Olympic stunts on our own, but that doesn’t mean we can’t follow in her footsteps and do our own amazing things regardless of what anyone else might say.