In a previous tip, we talked about how to start your dance studio out on social media. If you haven’t read that yet, and you don’t yet have social media accounts for your studio, you should definitely start there!

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With this tip, we’re going to teach you about the next steps toward building great social media profiles and making sure your dancers and parents are engaged.

Photos of Your Dancers

First and foremost, you’ll want to make sure you have pictures of your dancers. Dancers want to see themselves and their friends and parents want to see their kids. You’ll want to vary these a bit to keep it interesting! You can take pictures of the dancers having fun in class, photos at recitals and competitions, or even repost photos from your dancers of them doing dance moves somewhere awesome!

Behind the Scenes

Another thing that both parents and dancers love to see is behind the scenes photos! It might take some getting used to, but make sure to take photos of dancers at rehearsals, competitions, backstage, on the road, etc. If you forget, trust me, your dancers are taking photos, so even re-posting their photos will work! Other fun behind the scenes content could include photos of costumes, you planning the routine, a night in, cutting music, etc.

Reposted Content

You don’t always have to make your own content to stay interesting! Find other dance accounts that post content you like, screenshot the content, and repost them! Just make sure to credit the original poster. (Hint, hint: check us out on Instagram!) You could repost quotes, inspirational photos, pictures of well-known dancers and choreographers, funny graphics, etc. Sky’s the limit!


If you have any upcoming changes to events, schedules, rehearsals, and more, social media is a great place to update your dancers and parents. Keep in mind, though, that a lot of your dancers will be on Instagram, while a lot of the parents will be on Facebook. In other words, be sure to keep content relevant to each platform.


If you can learn to use simple apps that will allow you to create graphics, this will allow you to generate a lot of your own original content. You can use these graphics to promote upcoming events (such as conventions, competitions or recitals!) or you can even just use them to make inspiring graphics to post for fun! Use a cool photo of your studio, some of your dancers or even just a photo from Pinterest and insert a motivational quote!

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