Sophia Lucia with the actor who plays her love interest in the “Ain’t Gonna Play” video.

In February, Sophia Lucia’s single “Ain’t Gonna Play” made its iTunes and Spotify debut. Now, the song’s much-awaited music video is almost here! We got to talk to Sophia about her debut single “Ain’t Gonna Play,” her inspirations, and figuring out who you are.

Set on a Song

Sophia is a lot of things. She is a dancer, a model, an actress (and now a singer!). What you might not know is that Sophia is also a writer. Writing for Sophia began as a meditative hobby. During a rough time for Sophia, a friend encouraged her to start writing in a diary, but she thought your standard “Dear Diary…” format was a little cheesy. Instead of just writing down her thoughts and experiences as is, Sophia began using them as inspiration for poems. These poems would eventually transform into songs.
The particular experience that inspired what would eventually become “Ain’t Gonna Play” had to do with something many of Sophia’s listeners can probably relate to – love and heartbreak. The song is about one of Sophia’s first boyfriends who treated their relationship more like a game than dating. Through the song, Sophia expresses through a voice of strength. She sings about letting him go and taking back her life.


Nothing Short of Perfect

“Ain’t Gonna Play” is Sophia Lucia’s first song to make it to her fan’s ears, but it is not the first song she has written. Like poetry, Sophia writes songs frequently about her experiences, but she only wants to share the songs that are absolutely perfect.


Surprisingly, though, it wasn’t Sophia’s writing that took the most time to perfect. She says that most of the song is exactly as it was from the beginning. The rapping done by Theweiszest (who is actually a childhood friend of Sophia’s) took three months to solidify while Sophia’s lyrics were written in a single night. Producing the song wasn’t easy though. Sophia wanted the single to be absolutely perfect. “If I’m doing something, I have to be involved,” she says. Picky about every aspect of the song from lyrics to the perfect beats, the song was designed to be great because it was completely Sophia’s by design.
Sophia behind the scenes during the “Ain’t Gonna Play” music video shoot.


Sophia sees adding music to her growing list of talents and endeavors as progress as an artist. While many people in the spotlight move to music because of encouragement from their management, Sophia’s decision to produce a song occurred more naturally. Encouraged by family and friends to put “Ain’t Gonna Play” into the world, diving into music was a search for new experiences. “I loved the experience,” says Sophia. “It was super intriguing and different.” Putting out a single wasn’t something Sophia felt like she was supposed to do, it was something she wanted to do.


Approaching a new art form this way is important to Sophia who struggled with feeling as though her identity was completely summed up by her acclaim as a talented and record-breaking dancer. As she has developed as an icon and a role model for people inside and outside of the dance world, Sophia found a need to find her identity beyond the sometimes crushing and demanding structure of the dance world. She thinks it is important to figure out who you are as a person, and unfortunately, not everyone sees that beyond the trophies and their expectations as a dancer. Sophia is a dancer. She is an actress. She is a model. She is also (and before anything else) Sophia, a unique and interesting person.


An Unexpected Video

The music video for “Ain’t Gonna Play” is not what you might expect. The song takes on the story of a breakup and turns it into a powerful song about knowing your own worth and seeing through the people who want you in their lives for their own gain. The music video approaches the same “more than famous” message with moody black and white imagery to compliment the songs mellow pop vibes.
Both the song and the video were carefully crafted by Sophia. She did not want “Ain’t Gonna Play” to be a song that people could dance to, and in the same way, she didn’t want the dance music video many people probably expect from her. The song is about overcoming adversity to find your own strength, and she didn’t want that message to be lost in the party song scene. “We kept the video young but realistic,” Sophia says of her finished project. The video shows the glamor and the reality of Sophia’s life to bring viewers a clear picture of the differences between life on and off screen.

Taking it Slow

“Ain’t Gonna Play” is a powerful exploration of self-worth that seems to go beyond its initial inspiration. As Sophia says, “this wasn’t just a breakup song,” and we’re certain any music she chooses to share with us in the future will be the same.
When we asked about the future of Sophia’s music career, she told us that she wasn’t in a rush to become a pop star. “I don’t think music is my dream. Acting is my dream,” she says. When a song comes to her that she thinks would be the perfect thing to share with the world, we’ll get another glimpse into Sophia’s talents as a singer. Until then, we’ll just have to keep up with all of the other amazing things she’s up to.
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