Teen singer-songwriter Sophie Pecora might have released her debut EP in November 2020, but she’s not slowing down. (In fact, she shared with us that she’s working on two more EPs.) She’s gearing up for her next EP release, starting with her new single “Anxiety.”

“Someone on TikTok asked me to please write a song about anxiety,” Sophie told us. “Right away something clicked inside me.” Sophie was even more motivated to write the song because she knows that many people struggle with anxiety. “I thought of the first line, ‘Man, I got this lump in my throat…’ and the song spilled out from there.”

The song is a moving, beat-driven track that is as haunting as it is uplifting. “‘Cause I’ve got anxiety, and it’s holding me hostage,” Sophie sings in the chorus, capturing the feelings of discomfort and being trapped that are often symptoms of anxiety.

“Anxiety” is the first single on Sophie’s second EP which is coming later this year. Sophie shared with us that her upcoming EP is “all about different, real-life struggles people go through. The songs are an expression of these topics and people can listen, relate, feel understood, know they’re not alone, and gain hope and confidence they will get through the hard stuff.” Those themes are a compliment to her debut EP Raise the Bar which was focused on self-confidence and improvement.

“Anxiety” is available to stream now on Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon, YouTube Music, and other major music streaming platforms.

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