It looks like MTV is bringing that old thing back. Reports from a casting email show that one of THE most controversial shows to appear on  MTV is making a comeback,but not without some major twists.


If you remember, My Super Sweet 16 was a reality show that documented some of the most privileged teens in America’s coming of age parties. It showed the glitz, glam and monumental temper tantrums that went into pulling off these over the top parties. One super 16 Alum was even lucky enough to have Rihanna as his date. Can you say jealous.


Now the show is rebranding and becoming more versatile. It’s doing away with its original theme and is becoming “My Super Sweet”. So instead of just sweet 16’s they are going to be documenting parties of all kind like, Quinceaneras, Debutante balls and any major milestone in someone’s life that warrants a fabulous party. They’re even lifting the age limit and allowing someone as young at 13 years old to have a chance at appearing on the show.

It is going to be a crazy show and we can’t wait to see how it turns out. Check out a clip of what to expect!


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