This week on So You Think You Can Dance, the Top 6 contestants performed for a spot in the Top 4. Each dancer took on a duet with a SYTYCD All Star, a solo in their own style, a duet with their partner, and a group performance. After all that dancing, two of the contestants would be sent home. But before all of that, the show was opened with a group performance by Phoenix and Pharside

Bailey and Koine

First up this week were Bailey and Season 14 All Star Koine Iwasaki. These two were transported to an Italian restaurant for a Broadway routine choreographed by Al Blackstone. Bailey had to tap into his ferocious side for this performance, and he did, earning praise from the judges for his incredible growth over the course of the competition.

Mariah’s Solo

Acrobatics and an incredible personality? This is why Mariah continues to be one of the contestants to beat this season.

Gino and Comfort

For his first performance in the Top 6, Gino was paired with Season 4 All Star Comfort Fedoke for a historical hip hop routine choreographed by Luther Brown. Gino’s character in this routine tries to bring Cleopatra (Comfort), and their performance certainly brought the judges to life. They saw serious improvement in Gino’s hip hop abilities.

Madison and Lex

Getting jazzy this week with Season 14 winner Lex Ishimoto, Madison was given a Mandy Moore choreographed performance. The judges were full of compliments after this routine. We all know that Madison’s technique is incredible, but Nigel said that she has the best feet he’s seen all year.

Ezra’s Solo

We love to see Ezra and Madison on stage, but each time he takes the stage to perform a solo ballroom number, we are in for a treat!

Sophie and Kiki

Sophie had the chance to dance with Season 14 All Star Kiki Nyemchek during the Final Cut, so it’s no surprise that they continued to have chemistry on stage this week. They were given a samba choreographed by Pasha Kovalev, and they delivered it with perfect poise.

Mariah and Fik-Shun

For her All Star duet, Mariah was paired with Season 10 winner Fik-Shun and choreographer Misha Gabriel for a magical hip hop routine. It’s hard to steal attention away from Fik-Shun, but Mariah certainly did! Even with a wardrobe malfunction saved with some quick freestyling, these two impressed the judges, though Nigel thought this wasn’t Mariah’s best performance.

Bailey’s Solo

One of Bailey’s strengths is his ability to tap into real emotion in his performances. He certainly did that in this solo!

Ezra and Gaby

The final All Star duet of the night feature Ezra and Season 12 winner Gaby Diaz in a contemporary performance choreographed by Robert Roldan. The judges were impressed by the amount of real, raw emotion that Ezra brought to the stage. This was a passionate performance, to say the least!

Sophie and Gino

Heading to Broadway with a performance choreographed by Warren Carlyle, Sophie and Gino had the audience and the judges shocked. Laurieann even continued to label this duo as Season 16’s couple to beat. Did you see that kiss!?

Madison’s Solo

In case you were wanting to see even more of Madison’s impeccable technique, she left it all on the stage during her solo.

Bailey and Mariah

It took a jazz routine choreographed by Ray Leeper to make Laurieann say, “I stand corrected” about who the Season 16 couple to beat is. The judges were blown away, and the crowd was right there with them. Whenever Bailey and Mariah are on stage together, things are sure to get exciting.

Sophie’s Solo

If you had to sum Sophie up in 30 seconds of dancing, this solo might just be the perfect way to capture her personality.

Madison and Ezra

If there’s one thing you need to know about this performance, it’s that it is all about the sparkle. Madison and Ezra were given a disco routine choreographed by Doriana Sanchez. The judges were happy to see Madison finally let go, and D-Trix was impressed, knowing exactly how hard a Doriana Sanchez performance can be.

Gino’s Solo

The final contestant to perform a solo, Gino looked like he was still tapping into the success of his hip hop performance earlier in the night.

The Top 3 Girls

Ray Leeper choreographed the Top 3 girls performance together. The song was “I Can’t Stand the Rain”, but they all certainly looked amazing in those rain-ready catsuits.

The Top 3 Guys

Talk about emotional performances! Talia Favia seemed to have the right dancers, lighting, and music all in one place this week to create a truly powerful performance.

The Top 4

After all of the performances were done for the evening, the judges were tasked with the tough decision of sending two dancers home. With the performances and America’s votes in mind, they came to a unanimous decision. Their decision, in line with America’s votes, sent Madison and Ezra home.

The Top 4 moving on to next week’s show are Gino, Bailey, Mariah, and Sophie. It looks like the two couple’s to beat will be going head to head.

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