The Top 10 dancers of Season 16 of So You Think You Can Dance performed together for the last time (well, except for the SYTYCD tour) last night, opening the show with a Travis Wall piece to Harry Styles’ “Sign of the Times”. Each couple got the chance to perform one more time before the judges decided which of the Bottom Four would be saved and which would go home.

Gino and Stephanie

This week, the contestants reminisced about their first performances as dancers. Stephanie shared that she first walked into the spotlight with a traditional Mexican dance while young Gino showcased a sassy cha cha. Funny enough, they would be taking on a ballroom routine choreographed by Emma Slater and Sasha Farber. Last week, the judges were underwhelmed by their chemistry, but this week, they were ecstatic. Mary even promoted Gino to the conductor of the Hot Tamale Train!

When it was time to look at last week’s results, Cat revealed that while Gino was safe, Stephanie was in the Bottom Four.

Sophie and Eddie

Next to take the stage with memories of first performances in a girly group routine and highland dancing in a kilt respectively, Sophie and Eddie were given a contemporary performance with Travis Wall. Their previous performance was a little uncomfortable, but the judges were impressed to see Eddie bring out some true emotions. “You’re good enough to be real,” Laurieann told him.

Despite their successful performance, the results revealed that Eddie was in danger of going home.

Anna and Benjamin

Last week Anna and Benjamin performed in Benjamin’s style. This week, with choreography from Randi and Hef, they worked on a piece in Anna’s style. The performance set the scene for a couple who has just won the lottery and is now ready to spend it all on a life of luxury–and diamonds, lots and lots of diamonds. Benjamin took on hip hop like it was his own style. Unfortunately, the judges thought that Anna could have brought more to the stage.

Last week’s votes left Anna in the Bottom Four while Benjamin was safe.

Madison and Ezra

It’s no surprise that Ezra’s first performance was at a ballroom competition. Madison, however, was getting jazzy in leopard print for her dance debut. This week, they worked with Ray Leeper on a jazz piece that required them to be even more in sync than before. They might have seemed a little nervous in the clips from rehearsals, but Nigel was happy to say they had outdone themselves on stage.

After their performance, Cat announced that Ezra was in the Bottom Four.

Bailey and Mariah

Last to perform this week were tiny dancers Mariah and Bailey. Bailey laughed about his performance as a b-boy during a fifth-grade talent show while Mariah remembered a competition solo. They were given hip hop this week with choreographer Luther Brown. They were challenged with hitting the track for a fast-paced routine, but they made it look easy, and everyone from the judges to the studio audience seemed more than impressed with the sauce they brought. Mary even called their performance her favorite number of the night.

It’s no surprise with the incredible work these two have been doing so far that they were both safe this week.

The Bottom Four

Sitting in the Bottom Four this week were Stephanie Sosa, Ezra Sosa, Eddie Hoyt, and Anna Linstruth. The judges deliberated over the night’s performances and each contestant’s growth so far (admitting that’s difficult after only two performances). In the end, they decided that Stephanie and Eddie would be heading home. Ezra will carry on representing #TeamSosa, but hopefully, we’ll be seeing more of Eddie in the future.


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