This week on So You Think You Can Dance, the votes are in, and the Top 6 are narrowed down to the Top 4. But, before we had to see anyone go home, the Top 6 opened the show with a peppy, floral group number by Mia Michaels. Then it was time to dive into performances with their partners and the All Stars. All of the All Stars that performed this week made it into the Top 4 of the season they competed on, exactly where this season’s contestants wanted to be at the end of this episode.

Partnering with The All Stars

First up were Jensen and Kiki. Of course, we all remember Kiki from last season of SYTYCD. Even better? Kiki’s All Star partner, Jenna Johnson would be choreographing on SYTYCD for the first time for Jensen and Kiki’s routine. The judges were happy to see Kiki on stage again, but they were even more impressed with Jensen’s progress and skill.

Genessy followed Jensen with her partner Lex. Like Kiki, Lex was part of SYTYCD‘s Top 4 last season, but as we all know, he was also Season 14’s America’s Favorite Dancer. Together, they would be working with choreographers Mandy Korpinen and Elizabeth Petrin on a routine about opening up and finding confidence. During rehearsals, Genessy worried that she would not meet the judges’ expectations, but they all agreed that she went way beyond exceeding their expectations.

Slavik’s All Star partner was Season 11 contestant Jaja, and Comfort Fedoke choreographed a 1950s hip hop routine for them that would hopefully carry Slavik into the Top 4. Unfortunately, the choreography in this performance got the best of Slavik. The judges seemed to think he was too stuck in his head during the performance.

Season 8 All Star Marko returned to the stage this week as Hannahlei’s partner. They worked with choreographer Robert Roldan. This routine marked Robert’s first time choreographing on SYTYCD, and he brought out all the emotion he could in his choreography to create a compelling piece. The judges thought her performance was flawless, and despite her small size, she takes up the entire stage with her incredible presence.

Jay Jay was next to take the stage with his All Star partner Lauren from Season 7. They would be taking on the personas of Bonnie and Clyde in a jazz routine choreographed by Mandy Moore. Jay Jay impressed the judges with his performance. Though, they were even more impressed with the game of extreme leapfrog he played with Cat.

Darius was last to take the stage with his All Star partner. Paired up with Taylor from last season’s Top 4, Darius received an emotional contemporary piece choreographed by Travis Wall. The judges gave Darius some incredible compliments for his performance. Most striking was probably Nigel’s bold statement that Darius is his favorite dancer this season.

Jensen and Jay Jay

Tahitian dance comes from Polynesia, and this week, Jensen and Jay Jay learned this art form for their duet. Tiana Nonosina Liufau choreographed a routine that made them rethink everything they know about moving their hips. As always, Jay Jay and Jensen set the stage on fire with their hips and their incredible chemistry.

Genessy and Slavik

The next style represented on the stage this week was salsa. Genessy and Slavik worked with choreographers Jonathan and Oksana Platero to create a routine that would heat up the stage. Again, the judges felt like Slavik was checking out during the performance, but they thought Genessy shined on stage.

Darius and Hannahlei

The last duet of the week featured Darius and Hannahlei. Last week, Cole and Magda were eliminated resulting in Darius and Hannahlei’s new partnership. This week, they had to work with choreographers Leonardo and Miriam to master the Argentine Tango. They also had to develop the chemistry their competitors have had the entire competition to create. The judges were on #TeamDarahlei after their performance, impressed with their performance of the tango and with their instant chemistry.

The Top 3 Guys

Christopher Scott choreographed the Top 3 guys in a group performance this week. It focused on those slow intricate dance moves we all love so much. The judges thought the performance was a little bit loose, but Slavik, Darius, and Jay Jay managed to look strong outside of their own styles.

The Top 3 Girls

Luther Brown was in charge of choreographing a robotic group routine for the Top 3 girls. The judges were as impressed with Genessy, Hannahlei, and Jensen as they were with Luther Brown.

Going Home This Week…

Cat revealed the first results for this week after Darius and Hannahlei’s performance. First to secure a place in this season’s Top 4 was Jensen. After the Top 3 guys performed, the next round of results revealed that second dancer in the Top 4 was Slavik. After the Top 3 girls performed, the third dancer voted into the Top 4 was Hannahlei. That left Genessy, Jay Jay, and Darius on stage to find out who would be taking the last spot in next week’s show. The votes revealed that Genessy would take that final spot while Jay Jay and Darius were sent home.

Next week, Jensen, Slavik, Hannahlei, and Genessy will be competing for the title of America’s Favorite Dancer. Like the rest of Season 15, it’s impossible to guess who will win over America.