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Dance Moms star and Showstopper Sparkle Society member Nia Sioux is known for being a great dancer, but in 2015, she added singing and songwriting to her list of skills. It has been over a year since Nia released her last song, “You Don’t Really Wanna”. But now, she’s releasing her brand new single “FLXXN” and a music video to go with it. We talked with Nia about her new song and what she has been up to post Dance Moms.

“I was hearing a lot of people doubting that I would do anything else after [Dance Moms],” Nia said when we asked her what inspired “FLXXN”. After finishing up her contract with Dance Moms, Nia was in what she calls a “time of transition”. It was during that time that Nia wrote her new single. “I had faith that my hard work would pay off, and I was like, ‘Just wait for it. You will see when I flex my success.’,” she said about her search for her next big project, “not in an arrogant way, but as an affirmation of my talent and hard work.” Nia told us that her music usually focuses on telling her story and what is going on at that point in her life. Personal experiences, both positive and negative, are the inspiration behind her songs.

“You can not control other people or what they say or do to you, but you can control your response.”

Once Nia brought “FLXXN” to life, it was time for her to bring it to life for her fans. This would eventually lead to the production of a music video. The struggle to overcome everyone’s expectations, like the real-life feelings that inspired the song, is obvious in the video. “We decided that a boxing gym would be a great location and symbol of the song’s message,” Nia said. “You see that fight mentality in the choreography and that determined spirit to overcome adversity with beauty, grace, style, and strength.” This music video is different from anything she has released in the past. Instead of movie sets and high school dances where Nia can show off her fabulous side, she’ll be in the ring, showing off her strength. That isn’t the only difference, though. In many of her music videos, Nia primarily features female dancers. In “FLXXN”, Nia used only male dancers. This is also Nia’s first video with a featured artist. Now’s the time to memorize all of the lyrics to “FLXXN” because the music video drops on Wednesday, September 5, 2018!

In the future, Nia revealed that she plans to release more music on a shorter timeline. “It is hard to believe that is has been over a year since my last song,” she said. “I definitely will not let another year go by before I release more music. I am in the recording studio on a regular basis, so I hope to share more music soon.” Hopefully, that means we’ll be hearing more original tracks from Nia in the near future. Until then, we’ll have “FLXXN” on repeat.

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