Last week, the Top 4 dancers for this season were revealed. This week, Slavik, Jensen, Genessy, and Hannahlei danced and competed for our votes, but no one was eliminated. This week’s votes will be combined with last week’s to decide who America’s Favorite Dancer is in the finale!

Genessy and Slavik

Slavik received a lot of comments from the judges about being too in his head during his performances last week. Now, he and Genessy are back and stronger than ever. Their first performance of the evening was a hip hop routine choreographed by Luther Brown. The judges were impressed by their moves and Slavik’s comeback. It’s no surprise that this couple made it all the way to the Top 4 together.

Jensen and Hannahlei

For the first time this season, Jensen and Hannahlei paired up. They worked with Brian Friedman on a heels routine that would test their jazz skills and their balance. The judges were impressed with their precision and fierce shablams. tWitch said that Brian Friedman’s choreography demands attention to detail, and Hannahlei and Jensen brought it.

Genessy and Jonathan

Last time Genessy was paired with an All Star, she danced with Season 14 winner Lex Ishimito. This week, she played the role of samba supermodel with Jonathan Platero in a routine choreographed by Elena Samodanova. The judges were happy to see that she captured the samba and her confidence.

Slavik and Melanie

Travis Wall choreographed a contemporary piece for Slavik and his All Star partner Melanie Moore. Like all of Travis Wall’s masterpieces, this routine was full of powerful emotions. Capturing these was Slavik’s chance to keep proving that his head was back in the competition. The judges thought that Slavik was able to bring it all out in the piece and that it was a performance to remember.

Hannahlei and Slavik

Sean Cheesman choreographed an African jazz routine for Slavik and Hannahlei’s first duet. If you’re a long-time SYTYCD fan, then you know Sean Cheesman’s African jazz routines are complicated and energetic, and he pulled out all the stops for this one. This marked another routine where the judges were full of compliments for Slavik’s confidence. Of course, they were also impressed with Hannahlei’s strength and technique.

Jensen and Genessy

When it was time for Jensen and Genessy to pair up, they worked with Travis Wall on a Broadway routine about becoming the star you want to be. For tWitch, this was Jensen’s best performance all season. He and all the judges agreed that both she and Genessy are major stars.

Hannahlei and Fik-Shun

Randi and Hef choreographed a challenging hip hop routine for Hannahlei and her All Star partner Fik-Shun. These two had to move it. And it wasn’t just their bodies. They also had to work with several props for this routine. Hannahlei was worried about her first live hip hop duet, but the judges seemed sure that there isn’t anything she can’t do.

Jensen and Robert

Jensen’s All Star partner this week was Robert Roldan. Together they were tasked with bringing to life a routine choreographed by Mandy Moore. During rehearsals, Jensen seemed worried about being able to pull off the emotions in the piece, but the judges didn’t have any questions about her skills. They gave her and Robert a standing ovation.

Hannahlei and Genessy

Genessy and Hannahlei are roommates in real life, and in their routine, choreographed by Talia Favia, they would be playing roommates. Their ability to dance perfectly in sync had the judges in awe. Hannahlei and Genessy might be competitors, but they are also incredible partners and friends.

Slavik and Jensen

The final performance this week featured yet another first-time duet. Slavik and Jensen worked with Oksana Platero for a cha cha that would push Slavik way outside his comfort zone. The judges were impressed with Slavik for most of the night, but his cha cha definitely lacked some essential technical elements. They were impressed with Jensen and Slavik together and Slavik’s overall improvement, though.

This week, none of the Top 4 dancers had to go home, but next week we will have to say goodbye to all of them when America’s Favorite Dancer is finally named for Season 15. We’ll have to wait until then to see what the votes have decided.

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