Last week, the female contestants for this season of So You Think You Can Dance were cut down to the Top 5 girls. This week, it was the guys turn to partner with the All Stars for their last chance to make it on to the live show.

First to take the stages was ballroom dancer Cole Mills. After an unfortunate solo last time he went up in front of the judges, Cole had to make sure he put everything he had into the routine he was assigned with his All Star partner Jaimie, a contemporary piece choreographed by Travis Wall. Luckily, the judges thought his performance was more genuine than anything he has done before.

Next up were Jay Jay and All Star Chelsie who were assigned a cha cha choreographed by Elena Samodanova. During the ballroom round of The Academy, the judges complimented Jay Jay on his ability to generate chemistry with his partner, and that came through again in his cha cha. The judges were definitely impressed.

Slavik lost points with the judges during hip hop choreography (even though he’s a hip hop dancer!), so he had to make sure to master every detail or Tyce Diorio’s choreography in his jazz number with Allison. Slavik went into jazz feeling uncomfortable, but he came out confident that he had impressed the judges.

Following Slavik and Allison’s jazz were Justin and Comfort with a hip hop duet choreographed by Luther Brown. The judges thought he hit every point of the choreography, but he was missing that little extra something that would make it feel natural.

Peyton auditioned for the third time this season, so he is definitely in it to win it. Contemporary choreography was not his strong suit during The Academy, so it was important that he brought it during his cha cha routine with Chelsie choreographed by Elena Samodanova. Unfortunately, the judges didn’t think he was really in it.

Animator Kyle Bennet Jr. was also a previous contestant on SYTYCD. Cut last season before the live show, he came back this season to show that he can go farther. For his last chance at this season’s live show, he was partnered with All Star Lauren for a contemporary routine choreographed by Travis Wall. The judges were very impressed with his performance.

The sixth dancer to put himself on the line was Evan who was assigned a contemporary routine choreographed by Brian Friedman. He and his partner Allison would have to bring the emotion to pull off the routine, and they did. After his performance, he definitely felt more secure in the competition.

Dustin Payne was cut in the ballroom round last season. This season he put all he had into his jazz performance with All Star Jaimie choreographed by Tyce Diorio. The judges were impressed with his understanding of choreography and his ability to adapt to other styles outside of animation.

Allen Gankin did not impress the judges with his last solo, his jazz routine with Lauren for this final cut was his last chance to show the judges that he has what it takes. Together, these two brought Brian Friedman’s choreography to life, but the judges felt like there were a few moments where he lost the routine’s emotion.

Last to perform this week was Darius. Partnered with Comfort for a hip hop routine choreographed by Luther Brown. Darius’ ultimate goal was to show the judges that he could perform with a greater range of emotions after showing off his move with a lot of sad performances this season. Luckily, he impressed the judges with his hip hop abilities and his ability to bring a silly persona to the stage.

After Darius left the stage, the Top 10 boys took the stage to find out which of them would be moving on to the live show and who would be going home. Like with the girls last week, the judges gave each dancer feedback on their performance throughout the season until only five dancers were left.

The Top 5 guys for this season are… Evan, Jay Jay, Cole, Darius, and Slavik.

Next week, the Top 10 dancers will be paired up with each other for the live show. Now, how far they make it in the competition is up to your votes!

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