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You might know tween creative Tatum Brady from Siwa’s Dance Pop Revolution where she worked alongside JoJo and Jessalynn Siwa and 10 other dancers to compete for a spot on the girl group XOMG POP!. Her appearance on the show was only a small part of Tatum’s world. A model and competitive dancer, she loves to take on new projects and challenges.

Tatum’s latest creation is a fun and empowering new single titled “I’m Gonna Fly.” From the dance studio to the screen to the recording studio, we caught up with Tatum to find out how she found her way to music and what inspired her debut song.

Showstopper Magazine Online: Hi, Tatum! How did you get into music and dance?

Tatum Brady: I started dancing and singing at the age of 2 and a half. My nanny would take me to the park to play with neighborhood kids, but I would always have my face glued to the window that peeked into the recreation room where a dance class was being held. One day she walked me in and the teacher cracked up at how focused and determined I was at such a young age. She told us I should be at a dance studio, so my parents signed me up. My mom was a professional dancer and my grandmother a competitive singer.  When my grandparents fell ill they were in a very nice assisted living.  I would visit every weekend, putting on a singing and dancing show for the residents.  I was paid with free lunches, including ice cream, and cookies. I’d say that launched the start of my professional career and I’ve never looked back.

SMO: Your debut single “I’m Gonna Fly” is out now. What made you want to release a song?

Tatum: I was on a television show with JoJo Siwa called Siwa’s Dance Pop Revolution. While the show was airing, I was contacted by professionals in the entertainment industry who wanted to work with me and collaborate on a song. At the time I was 10 years old and just trying to process all that comes along with being on a “reality” show, so I didn’t take them up on it. They reached out again one year later and I was ready to share my journey through this song, “I’m gonna fly.”  The music video illustrates a lot of the sentiment of the song so I am excited for my fans to live this journey with me! 

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SMO: What inspired the single?

Tatum: EMPOWERMENT is the inspiration for the song, empowering people to not let others push you around or put their agenda on you.  Be brave and free enough to know you have it inside you to direct your own path.

SMO: Do you have a favorite line in the song?

Tatum: My favorite line in the song is, “I’m gonna fly, I’m not holding back, gonna live my best life.”

SMO: As a dancer, what do you love about this song? Have you danced to it yet?

Tatum: As a dancer, I love the way the song builds. The emotions of the lyrics are mirrored with the climatic bridge. I absolutely have danced to it!  You will see that in the music video. I really cannot wait to see my fellow dancers and fans post their interpretations of my song. That is going to be so cool to see all the different takes from all the beautiful artists out there!

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SMO: What was your favorite part of creating “I’m Gonna Fly”?

Tatum: My favorite part was having the liberties with the song to create the ad-libs and the freedom to alter things on the spot.  I went with my gut and what felt right. Putting it all together in the music video was really rewarding. I’m excited for everyone to see the creativity and symbolism!

SMO: What are you most excited for people to hear with the release of the song?

Tatum: I am most excited for people to really hear and relate to the lyrics and feel the power of the bridge. I hope everyone feels fired up when I belt those high notes.

SMO: Can we expect more music from you in the future?

Tatum: Oh YES! I am just getting started! I am most excited about creating the next songs with my fans!

SMO: Is there anything else you want people to know about you?

Tatum: I want people to know that if you put in the work and passion for your craft, great things will come of it. Surround yourself with people who support and believe in you. I want people to know I am just like them and together, we can fly!  

“I’m Gonna Fly” is streaming now on all platforms. Tatum’s dance music video for the song comes out on February 17.

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