Competition season is almost over, and although you’re probably going to be incredibly busy for the start of a new dance year, there’s one thing you have to make time for: team bonding! If your studio doesn’t already have an annual event that gives dancers and teachers the opportunity to bond, it’s time to start! Even if the type of event changes, you’ll want to make sure you offer team bonding events every year. Not only is it a positive way to start the year, it’ll give your dancers something to look forward to throughout the summer. Want to throw a fabulous team bonding event but not sure where to start? Take a look at some of the ideas below for some inspiration!

Did Someone Say Slumber Party?!

Slumber parties are the perfect way to get your dancers to bond with each other and with you! You can host them at your studio, your house, or possibly one of your dancers’ houses if a parent volunteers. You’ll want to ask a few parents to help supervise too depending on how many dancers you have. Plan to have snacks and drinks – but you can always have dancers sign up to bring an item! You’ll also want to have some fun activities planned. Grab the newest dance movie, make a playlist of the top songs, or print out some dance-related mad libs! Be sure to keep it a positive environment and make sure that no one is getting to clique-y. Keep everyone involved and you’re all bound to have an amazing time!

Leave the Ants, Bring the Dance (Have a Picnic!)

One fun way that you can get your dancers to bond, while also getting to bond with your parents, is to have a picnic! If you have space outside your studio, that could be the perfect place. If not, you could use your house, the local park, o

r even ask if any parents will volunteer their house. It might be best to be somewhere that you have access to a kitchen, as that will make preparation a lot easier! You can treat it as a potluck or provide the food yourself – it’s all up to you! Be sure to find out any allergies or food preferences before hosting the picnic. You could send out an email or hand out paper invites/flyers with directions to return if someone has a preference. Be sure to have some fun games planned like a dance-off or even a three-legged race! Keep it fun and always have a rain date!

Skill Improvement and Team Bonding at the Same Time!

One amazing way to bond with your dancers is to attend a dance convention together in the beginning of the year. Showstopper has conventions in six cities this year, all at incredibly fun venues. Your dancers can bond with each other during the day as they learn new dance moves, and you can bond with other teachers at the same time while attending our awesome teacher seminars! After the dance day ends, plan to all get together as a group and enjoy the amazing venues that you’re staying at! Some have waterparks, some have roller coasters, and all are packed with fun! For more info on our Showstopper Conventions – head to our website at!

Sisters, Sisters!

It’s not too hard to get dancers in the same class to bond, but getting dancers in other classes to bond can be somewhat difficult. We’re sure you’ve heard of Big Sister/Little Sister by now, but if you haven’t, it’s the perfect way to get dancers of different ages to bond, while giving a younger dancer a great role model! What you do is select an older dancer, and pair her with a younger dancer. Encourage your dancers to bring small “good luck” presents to competition for their big sister or little sister. When you stay at a hotel for competition, have your dancers decorate the doors of their big sister/litle sister! Be sure that your dancers are also there to watch the routines of their big sister/little sister so they can cheer them on! If you have boys in your studio, have a big brother/little sister or even big/brother little brother.

Let ‘Em do What They do Best…Dance!

You don’t have to have a crazy event for team bonding. Schedule a dance party one Friday night at your studio. Grab some blacklights, make a playlist, and get movin’! It’s the perfect opportunity for dancers to do what they love without the pressures of a routine. Let them show you what they’ve got! The plus side? You get to see what each dancer does best. Be sure to pick songs that most of the dancers will know. You might even enlist the help of one of your dancers for this! Be sure to have drinks and snacks too so your dancers can keep on keepin’ on.

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