This week, the Arnold sisters debuted their latest project, a YouTube channel where the four sisters will be doing everything, it seems, from fun online trends to dance challenges. These ballroom dance icons are new to YouTube, but they’re not new to the spotlight. They have competed in everything from So You Think You Can Dance to Dancing with the Stars.

They introduced the channel as a way to connect with their fans and each other in their first video, a Q&A where they spilled on everything from Dancing with the Stars: Juniors to sibling jealousy. But their latest video is exactly what we’ve been waiting for–a dance challenge. For their third video, the Arnold sisters decided to pick a random song and challenge themselves to choreograph a dance to it in ten minutes.

You can see what they came up with and learn the choreography yourself in the video below. Plus, the Arnold sisters want to see what you and your dance families can do with their choreography. Dancers, the #thearnoldsisterschallenge is on!

New videos from these four are scheduled to come out on their YouTube channel every Thursday. Knowing them, they’ll be fantastic, so you should probably hit that Subscribe button.