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One night, one chance. #CatsMovie

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The full-length trailer for Cats the movie musical is finally here. In the trailer, Jennifer Hudson belts out the lyrics to the musical’s classic song “Memory” while we see glimpses of the massive sets and all of our favorite stars as their cat characters.

Despite a lot of excitement about the upcoming film, with the release of the trailer, some people have new thoughts. Cats used CGI technology to create realistic fur on the actors, turning them into humanoid cats. This goes along the lines of the stage musical which features performers in cat costumes springing and leaping across the stage. But people think the new look has the effect of making the cats a little more creepy that catty.

But that doesn’t mean that there isn’t still anticipation for the film to rock the holiday season when it hits theaters in December.

“This musical is timeless,” Taylor Swift says in a teaser trailer for the film that came out Wednesday. She and other stars like James Corden, Idris Alba, and Jennifer Hudson talk about everything from the magic of the musical to the dancers helping bring it to life like Les Twins and Francesca Hayward.

Oh, and those immaculate sets? They’re real. “The scale of this film is huge. Three of four times bigger for the cat perspective,” Idris Alba says about the sets of dining rooms, city streets, and more. If nothing else, we want the Cats set to become the next Harry Potter World experience.

Cats comes out December 20, 2019, so grab all of your feline friends and prepare for an event you’re not going to want to miss.