This week on The Glitter Drop, we get an inside look at Sophia Lucia’s new music video, a Star Wars casting call is calling all Jedis, and the Science Museum of Virginia wins a national dance competition.

Ain’t Gonna Play

In February, Sophia Lucia’s single “Ain’t Gonna Play” made its iTunes and Spotify debut. Now, the song’s much-awaited music video is almost here! We got to talk to Sophia about her debut single “Ain’t Gonna Play,” her inspirations, and figuring out who you are. (Read the full article here!)

Calling All Jedis

Disney is looking for male and female actors for upcoming performances of Disney’s Hollywood Studios “Jedi Training Trials of the Temple.” Actors can audition for the role of young Jedi Nedriss who leads lightsaber training as well as the role of experienced Jedi Vanzell who guides participants through the trial. (Read the full article here!)

Dabbing for Science

The When You Work at a Museum dance contest for museum staff has been filling the internet with hilarious parodies from the country’s scientists. Recently, The Science Museum of Virginia (SMV) won the national title for the competition this week with their video submission of “Factual” a parody of Olivia Newton-John’s hit “Physical”. (Read the full article here!)


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