Wowing the judges at competitions is a big deal, but when the judges see hundreds of acts in every genre, shape, size, and song, each day, standing out can be more difficult than you think. Unless you plan putting on your own Cirque de Soleil performance, the best way to create unforgettable performances is to focus on the subtle details.


Chances are the judges have already heard the song for your routine at some point in the competition, this is especially true if you are performing with a classic song from your favorite Broadway show. Because of this, engaging with new music or new ways of sharing old music is important. One way to do this is to choreograph your routine to a remix of one or multiple songs that you enjoy. The remixed tempos and lyrics will give the judges something new and exciting to engage with making watching your routine more fun.

Tell a Story

The performances that we share on social media and that shake us to our core every time we watch them are the performances that tell powerful stories. What do the judges and audience see when they watch your performance? Do they see a dancer moving around on stage, or do they see a story unfolding? If you story is unclear, it won’t have as much of an impact, but clear storytelling and powerful storytelling is much harder to forget than just a show of incredible dance moves.

Pay Close Attention to Timing

Clean lines and clear chemistry between dancers in groups makes any performance more impressive. Make sure you dancers know the importance of understanding each other’s cues and movements so that each performance appears cohesive and intentional.
During any competition, judges focus on an array of details that effect how successful your performance is. This means you have to pay attention and consider an array of details, big and small, just as carefully.