This week, the Upper Division Duels wrapped up on World of Dance with seven acts officially finding their place in the Semi-Finals. Before that, though, the rest of the Upper Division acts had to battle it out, and tWitch had to decide which acts would get one last chance in the Redemption duel. This season, JLo pointed out, The Duels are “tougher than ever before,” and the contestants had to bring it and leave it all on the floor.

Jake and Chau VS. Josh and Erica

The judges put these two couples against one another because both BFFs Jake and Chau and real-life couple Josh and Erica have “obvious chemistry” that made them tough competition.

Jake and Chau were first on the dance floor with a fierce routine that managed to bring an incredible new move into play on all of their songs major hit points. “I honestly can’t,” Derek said, at a loss for words over their performance. “Just strong!” JLo and tWitch both wanted to see more side-by-side movements in future performances to get an even better look at some of the exciting things they were doing.

Josh and Erica were literally tied together during their performance, pulling off risky prop work with the straps of their overalls. Derek called their routine “so creative, so innovative,” and tWitch pointed out that it was hard to compare the two performances because they were both great and “two very different pieces of art.”

The judges were divided. Derek voted for Josh and Erica, but both JLo and Ne-Yo voted for Jake and Chau, sending the BFFs forward and leaving Josh and Erica to cross their fingers for the Redemption round.

Géométrie Variable VS. Oxygen

The last Upper Division Duel put this season’s best tutting groups up against one another. Both Géométrie Variable and Oxygen proved that they could make unbelievable shapes and rhythms with their bodies during the Qualifiers, and the judges were eager for even more

Géométrie Variable continued to surprise the judges with new ways to make their dancing competition-worthy. The included their signature forearm formations as well as “chinography” and even some classic hip hop moves. Ne-Yo told them that he couldn’t find anything to say anything bad about, and Derek called their latest performance “surgical” in its precision.

Next up, Oxygen surprised the judges as well by performing a routine that didn’t incorporate the incredible synchronicity that they showed off during the Qualifiers. JLo thought that they had performed a “good routine,” but it wasn’t good enough to wow them. “It’s almost like you took out your special sauce,” Derek commented. tWitch, however, was impressed by Oxygen’s locking skills.


The Redemption round for the Upper Division left tWitch to choose two acts from those that have lost duels so far. Out of the six acts hoping for redemption, he chose ballet duo Styles and Emma and recent losers Oxygen. Both acts entered the warehouse ready to prove themselves, and the judges expressed frustration that their Redemption performances were on a greater level than their initial duels. Styles and Emma had Derek and tWitch on their feet while Oxygen’s second performance included the synchronicity and tutting that the judges saw as the group’s signature.

The judges (including tWitch) deliberated to come to a unanimous decision for which group would continue to represent the Upper Division in the next round. In the end, Oxygen joined the other five groups (Jeferson and Adrianita, UPeepz, Kurtis Sprung, Jake and Chau, and Géométrie Variable) moving forward.

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